About Christallization

Christallization is the brain child and creation of Christopher Obigho. Started in April of 2003 in Wichita, Kansas and has since moved and made Las Vegas, Nevada its home of operations.

Christallization is a web and software engineering company that provides custom software applications, websites, branding campaigns and public relations served with a side of search engine optimization.

We are the weird and creative bunch in the crowd. We want to be wowed and we want to wow our clients and their clients in turn. We have a very unique approach to business and life.

Commercial Software

Christallization provides commercial grade software applications for many industries, we are known for our custom built software applications on a per client basis. However, we also have commercial software applications that we license out to businesses and are all further customized to fit any particular business's needs as well.

Software Hosted Services

Most of our Commercial Software Applications are hosted on our servers to enable us to provide future upgrades, support and also protect our scripts from copyright infringement. We charge a small fee monthly, far below industry standards to our clients to run and use our software apps in order to benefit from the constant change in technology and upgrades we make on our software applications.

Web Design

Needing a website solution for your business, store, team, club or association? Need to have it designed with a solid CMS for easy maintenance and up-keep? Do you need it built using CSS3, XHTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX and MYSQL the latest and most fluid programming languages to date? Look no further. We offer professional Website Design & Development Services and Custom Software Applications and Engineering with tons of extras. We also develop graphics and animation for both web and print clients to include email blasts and campaigns.

A few of our specialties include but are not limited to: Business/Corporate Websites, Social Media, Social Networking, Online Shopping Carts, Business Interactive Media Websites, Business Software Solutions, Wordpress and Drupal Design and Development, CMS Designs and Development and Dynamic Website Design and Development. Let me make your ideas come to life NOW!.

Sparking Ideas

Custom Software Development

We at Christallization are known for making efficient and cutting edge software applications for small to large businesses. Our goal is to make the process of running a business much simpler, using the latest and most cutting edge technologies in moderation. Common static and mobile devices are mediums of running our software applications.

We are capable of building and deploying almost any web-based software application using object oriented PHP5, JavaScript, Ajax and Mysql and of course in style using the Adobe Suite. Contact us for your next Software Application and let us sit down and bring what we have to offer to the table and make your business run more efficiently.

Let us plant he right seeds at the right time to let your business grow!

Hosting Services

Linux Servers on steriodsthat is just the name for our Data Speed and reliability of our servers located in Phoenix, Arizona, where we house our servers alongside big names in the industry but service with us is unparalleled. Every hosting account comes with plans you can choose to suit your needs.

Plesk: Now the most complete and stable Linux server management software out there is even more solid. It comes with our certified Plesk technicians, 24x7x365. From rebooting your virtual server to managing your mail, Plesk makes tedious tasks simple for website owners and system administrators.

Search Engine Optimization Services & Classifieds Postings

In addition to our Web Development, Software Engineering and Hosting Services we also provide online marketing to our clients. Below is a list of what we do to ensure that traffic is generated appropriately to a URL.

  • Complete SEO Meta-Data build into every page of website.
  • SEO friendly sitemap creation in XML and TEXT format.
  • Blogging platform built right into website and for seeded syndication of content.
  • Submission of URL to all major search engines for indexing and caching.
  • Creation and authoring of business Social Media accounts.
  • Up to 10 keywords per SEO campaign for potency.
  • Google analytics framework for real-time statistics check.
  • Search engine webmaster tool inclusions.
  • Local Search Engine inclusions and Ad/s management client to provide physical addresses for work-around for URL for all local placements.
  • Link building / sharing on all affiliate websites with PR3 rank or more.
  • Relative Blog posts.
  • Relative Forum posts.
  • Building of static pages and or SEO-only pages to meet demand of traffic or target specific traffic.
  • Re-arrangement of keywords, description and title to match SEO efforts weekly.
  • Re-indexing and re-site-mapping once every other month or as needed if not dynamic.
  • Classified post listings.
  • Multiple business listings, under as many relative headings as possible.
  • Press release submissions.

Christallization Inc.

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Web Portfolio

Listed below are a few of our works floating around the web. These are actual client websites and or website portals so feel free to browse through and if you feel the need to join the list of websites, please contact us to get your next website built.

If you should dislike what you see or not exactly your style of website or websites, still contact us. We would love the opportunity to build your website or software application. We will even throw in a bag of fish and chips with the deal. Drinks are extra.

Yours Truly,
The Weird Guys - Over and Out
Christallization Inc.

Our Old Website

Some functions have been disabled but you can still enjoy the design. Links still work so please go ahead and click on any building on our island to view the pages remember its OLD and partially styled :) CLICK HERE TO VIEW AN EVEN OLDER VERSION.

An even older version...

This is an even older version of Christallization.com. Once again many functions have been disabled and it's very old, but we still want you to enjoy it :)

Christallization Tow-Ready ™

Tow-Ready is a web based towing software that enables Tow companies and Property Management companies better manage how they cite and process vehicle violations in and around their properties. It also works as a stand-alone system for Tow Companies that want to run their Tow-Businesses more efficiently and economically in this modern age and designed to run on your website and/or website portals seamlessly. READ FULL SPECIFICATIONS HERE.

Please contact us on 702-723-8446 to get USERNAME and PASSWORD combination to demo.

Christallization Quotes ™

Christallization Quotes ™ is a Web based live quote engine that runs on PHP, MYSQL, AJAX and JAVASCRIPT this software offers a full front and back-end engine that allows any service oriented business to display a live quotes engine for customers to use and get service quotes for that particular business and designed to run on your website and/or website portals seamlessly. READ FULL SPECIFICATIONS HERE.

Please contact us on 702-723-8446 to get USERNAME and PASSWORD combination to demo backend.

Christallization Hotelier ™

Christallization Hotelier is a Web based Vacation, Hotel and Room rental or software that allows any hotel, bread and breakfast, vacation rental company, property managers, realtors and realty firms to run and manage a front-facing website that is powered by Hotelier. It comes complete with online booking, reservation management, multiple payment gateways for card processing and many more features. So businesses can easily manage guests, tenants and potential buyers as well as renters using this very powerful Software application. Designed to run on your website and/or website portals seamlessly.

Christallization Hotelier is actively deployed and being used by many big corporations globally which we will leave out names for privacy. We also welcome all and every suggetions from clients new and existing that are using this software or plan to with their new or existing platforms.

Payments and Subscriptions

Simply put the following website will let you make a single or monthly recurring payment/s for services offered or serviced by Christallization Inc or its affiliates or you can mail a check to us.

Mailing a Check? Send to:

6440 Sky Pointe Dr
Suite #140-164
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Payments are processed on our main parent website: https://ckoinnovations.com - CKO INNOVATIONS

Christallization Documents ™

Christallization Documents ™ eliminates the need for paperwork. It converts hard-copy documents to soft digital documents that can be filled out electronically. Doctors offices, Car Dealerships, Repair Shops e.t.c. Why hand out a writing pad to have your customers of patients fill out new information for first time visits. Why not go digital?

With a few iPad2's you can have your patients, clients or customers fill out their information right in the lobby and it will automatically store and print out relevant information for their signatures. Also comes with a web portal that can be linked to your business website and accessible via any mobile device so patients, clients or customers can get signed-up or checked in way before they even walk into lobby.

Christallization Documents ™ works for many industries. Let us convert all your hard-copy documents to digital ones that can be printed with all fields completely filled out saving time and money and making your business or institution run a lot smoothly. Contact us today to get an assessment of your hard-copy documents and to get a quote.

Christallization Tow-Ready ™


Tow-Ready stores and manages a detailed profile for each vehicle violation, complete with pictures that are uploaded as evidence per vehicle cited or processed.

Because Tow-Ready is web-based, runs in real-time, and is also integrated with Google Maps for easy navigation to properties or vehicles in violation. Tow companies can use this software on the move to coincide with dispatch or the home office. Tow Ready is also optimized to be used on mobile devices.

For More information visit: www.towreadysoftware.com

Terms and Conditions for conducting business with Christallization!

  • 12/7 Support is available via phone 702-723-8446 - Hosting Clients Only
  • 24/7 Support is available via email or text messaging 702-723-8446 - Hosting Clients Only
  • All hosting & domain fees are non-refundable
  • Work on a website will start only after a minimum of half (50%) of the entire project cost has been received. Designing fees are 100% non-refundable not to include any third party fees that may apply.
  • Any updates or re-designing that affects the structure of a website and design, or involves major photo/graphics work will fall under an hourly non-refundable rate of $75/hr with 1 hr minimum.
  • We guarantee a 99.9% uptime which means we also run maintenance checks on all our servers monthly during less busy hours. Prior notice will be sent out before any major repairs are made that may cause some downtime. - Hosting Clients Only
  • Christallization.com allows up to 4 business days from the due date for monthly payments to be received, cleared and deposited into the specified company account. This applies both for electronic payments and checks in the mail as accepted forms of payment. Any account payments un-cleared by the end of the 4th business day will be accessed a late payment fee of $25.00 in addition to $10 per day every day beginning on the 5th business day until account payments are received and account/s are current.
  • Christallization.com reserves the right to refuse service to anyone/business and at any time for any reason deemed detrimental to Christallization.com. This applies to both new and existing clients and in such cases all contracts signed or not are deemed nullified on such date/s. There will be no refund of services already rendered to such client/s up to the date/s of such decision. Christallization.com does not discriminate or refuse service based on religious, ethnic/race, social or economic backgrounds.
  • Terms and Conditions on this website and with Christallization are subject to change and without prior notice/s to clients affected by such changes.

Christallization Inventory ™

Christallization Inventory has been a favorite for many businesses it helps manage tangible and in-tangible items within an organization. Works well in a high sales oriented environment. This Software application changes/upgrades often and can be very custom pertaining to a particular business, so please contact us for a demo or to get a custom made application for your business.

Christallization Website Quotes ™


Customers today want to know just how much a service is before they commit, customers also want transparency in business and value that a lot when picking a service provider. Christallization Website Quotes ™ offers such functionality. Christallization Website Quotes ™ is a live quote engine that runs on PHP/MYSQL/AJAX/JAVASCRIPT this software offers a full front and back-end engine that allows any service oriented business to display a live quotes engine for customers to use and get service quotes for that particular business. This software is designed to run on your website and/or website portals seamlessly.

Fully integrated Coupons code and discount rate calculation and easy management of services to offer in quotes engine from user-friendly backend. We even go a step further by customizing it for any business, adding any feature you want and we train on how to use our software applications.

  • Run a business where you have set prices for services?
  • Want to offer real-time rates to customers?
  • Do you offer discounts for services?
  • Coupon Codes with those discounts?
  • Do you want to be able to control these pricing engine in realtime?

Christallization Website Quotes ™ does all that for you. For Limo companies offering real-time quotes to clients based on selectable destinations to number of passengers. For Landscapers, Realtors, Doctor's Offices, Tour Groups and Companies, Massage Parlors e.t.c The list goes on, any business that offers a service based on individual clients or groups can use Christallization Website Quotes ™ we can custom make this software to suit any and all needs of a business.